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Davy and Yoann Bernagoult - Composers

Davy and Yoann began their career together in music at an early age. Twins born in France, they obtained their Master’s degree in Music and Musicology from the University of Tours in 2005, as well as a degree in music publishing.

At the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, they received their diploma in film music scoring in 2009, with additional coursework in Paris and Los Angeles in composition and orchestration. 

Davy’s instrumental background in guitar and violin combined with Yoann’s expertise in piano and cello makes them a truly unique and complementary composing team. 

After having worked as orchestrators (Priest, Resident Evil 6) or as additional composers, they composed their first American feature film in 2012, the thriller Apartment 1303 3D.

60 CP- 2019 03 08- Studio Yohan & Davy.j
74 CP- 2019 03 08- Studio Yohan & Davy.j
Selective Filmography
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