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Dear Tom,


My twin brother and I are taking the liberty of contacting you because we are French film composers and we would like to introduce our work to you to be part of your team.


My brother and I started our career in LA in 2010 working with Christopher Young. We worked on his movie Priest and then we composed the thriller Apartment 1303. Since then, we had the opportunity to work on different projects like the video game Resident Evil 6, the French movies School of Life and Belle and Sebastien (adventure style). We composed for seven years for two crime shows for TF1, the main French tv channel. For a couple years, we’ve been part of the Universal Music composers team. We just finished to compose the French thriller Blast.


Now that we started to have experience in the music for film industry, we would like to go at the next level. 

Being part of your team, we could learn a lot about how to do a big movie in the industry. We would love to learn how a team works in the different departments to bring together what you compose, how you organize your ideas, how it works with the producers and director meetings etc. In other words, we would love to get some experience in working on a big movie from scratch to the delivery.


We could also bring you help in different aspect of your work. Indeed, at 40 years old, we both have knowledge in composition, orchestration and arrangement. We learnt how to handle a recording session, post recording editing, music mixing supervision etc. Even if we are specialized in orchestral writing, we love to blend it with electronic sounds like we did in our last movie Blast.


If we are contacting you today to be part of your team, it’s because we feel close to your music style and mentality. We love how you highlight the picture with your music, your electronic parts and your powerful orchestral writing (brass and percussions among others).


My twin brother and I are used to work together, we are fast and looking forward to show you how you could benefit from having us in your team.

We are going to be in LA in June, would you have time to meet with us to allow us to introduce ourselves to you?




Davy and Yoann

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(+33)6 76 63 75 05

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